What are your favorite add-ons to GitHub?

Apps, bots, browser extensions — what tools make GitHub better for you?

How to solve 90% of #NLP problems: a step-by-step guide #KDN

New YouTube video: learn how to create ensembles for @kaggle with my #Python code examples.

Interesting AutoML research in last year:
BOHB: robust and efficient hyperparasite optimization at scale
OBOE: Collaborative Filtering for AutoML Initialization
@ledell keynote #DSCO19

Tapson's Rules of Machine Learning:
4. Time spent on data cleaning is an order of magnitude more productive than time spent on hyperparameter tuning.

(Extreme example: achieved a Top 10 result in Kaggle using linear regression, as the only team that cleaned 50/60Hz noise first.)

Feeling like training a deep RL navigation agent on Street View? We have #streetlearn for you! Code at, curated dataset for Manhattan and Pittsburgh at! With @bhandras Keith Anderson, Denis Teplyashin, @RaiaHadsell et al @DeepMindAI

We’re releasing a Neural MMO — a massively multiagent game environment that supports numerous populations of agents:
- Code:
- 3D Client:

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