DeepStellar – a StarCraft2 Reinforcement Learning agent part 0.1
Last week me and a couple of friends had an idea: let’s use PySC2 (a Python wrapper for the StarCraft
3D part: Shifted LCD Bracket
This is the first 3D part I designed and printed myself. Well, designed is an overstatement. This part is a
3D Printer โ€“ MMG โ€“ progress report 2
It’s been more than a year since my last progress report, and about 1.2 years since I bought my 3D
Building my homelab โ€“ part 4
I changed my networking setup and switched from Proxmox to Ubuntu, moving most of my services to containers. Part 3:
Christmas trip to Switzerland and Liechtenstein
This Christmas I visited Switzerland and Liechtenstein. I used the chance to visit the Rhine Falls, visit Vaduz (and send
Retezat Trek
A short trek to the Custura Peak in the Retezat Mountains
Clock Vision – face recognition clocking system
So, this is not a tutorial, but a showcase of a project I recently build for HackTM 2018 together with
3D Printer – MMG – progress report 1
About 2 month ago I bought a Tarantula I3 3D printer from Aliexpress. After getting it through customs and assembling
Building a proxmox server – Tesla
Sometime ago I decided it would be better to build a moderately powerful VM server instead of having many cheap
Building my homelab – part 3
Finally all my networking hardware, servers and UPS are in the same place. I also did some cable management, but
VirtualBox connect to VM via SSH / Portforwarding in VirtualBox
Ever wanted to connect to a VirtualBox VM via SSH, SCP or others and found out you couldn’t? This is
Automounting a partition in Ubuntu
Do you have a second partition you want to automount a boot? Then this is the place for you. I’ll