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Some of you may have heard of Some people there have amazing builds. As such, considering that I have some hardware laying around and that we are changing the furniture downstairs, I decided to use what pieces of furniture I can to create my own homelab.

What is a homelab?

Basically, it’s a network of computers you use to study? What you may ask? Anything, from web hosting and security to networking. If you want more details, head here: introduction – homelab.

Furniture used:

  • Top part of a wooden library (80 x 30 x 150 w x d x h – not taking into account the top cover)
  • Left shelves of a wooden library (35 x 28 x 115 w x d x h)
  • Wooden desk (70 x 60 x 75  w x d x h)
  • Wood shelves (40 x 30 x 117  w x d x h)

Software used:

Note: This series of posts will mostly be a build log, not necessarily a tutorial.

1. The furniture

2. Planning

In order to be able to effectively make use of all the space, I decided to create a 3D model of the homelab in SketchUp Make. I took a tape measure an after about 1 hour my work was complete.

This might change as I make modifications to the homelab, but this is the baseline.

3. Future

In the next part me and my father will strengthen the homelab using L joints, and I will be deciding on where to place the components.

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