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Today, 22.10.2018 we decided to head out to the Retezat Mountains. We left from Lugoj at around 6AM, and it took us a couple of hours to get to Hobița. From there, a 20 km forest road to the Retezat National Park helped us gain a couple hundred meters in altitude. At its end we were already at 1700m. Although 20km doesn’t sound like much, despite mine and Bessie’s best efforts, it took us 2 hours to reach the top.

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Bessie is a ’91 W124 Mercedes, which means it is quite robust and has a good ground clearance. Even so, the forest road was not easy; but it was an interesting experience, driving for so long on an unpaved road, littered with rocks which could puncture my oil pan at any time. One of them managed to break one of the screws holding the oil pan’s shield in place.
I learnt to drive on and over the side of the road, and it kept me constantly focused: should I go left, or right? Maybe change after that rock? Should I take that one under the wheel or go around it? The road is good here, maybe I could drive a bit faster.
Getting back down was easier. I didn’t have to use the clutch nearly as much, and I didn’t kill the engine (it died once while I was driving down 🙁 ).