3D Printer – MMG – progress report 2

It’s been more than a year since my last progress report, and about 1.2 years since I bought my 3D Printer. I have made some updates to it, which I’ll be describing below.

Report 1: 3D Printer – MMG – progress report 1

Parts used:

Status right now:

  • Removed the bottom LED light strip
  • Tested OctoPrint with a web camera (pending frame mounting)
  • Cable management done
  • MOSFET back plate done (to prevent shorts)
  • Added plastic feet to the printer to reduce noise and vibrations
  • Using glass bed for printing (makes it much easier to remove a print after it is done)
  • Upgraded the spool holder to increase structural integrity
  • Mounted LCD to frame
  • RPi OctoPrint server has its own case, but is not mounted to the frame due to lack of space

Future plans

  • Get a better, quieter PSU
  • Mount RPi to the back of the LCD holder
  • Mount Webcam for time lapses
  • Play around with the print settings to reduce stringing
  • Replace extruder with better version capable of handling elastic filament

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