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This is the first 3D part I designed and printed myself. Well, designed is an overstatement. This part is a remix of the Tevo Tarantula LCD bracket.

Thingverse: Tevo Tarantula Shifted LCD bracket


The problem with the original is that, if you have the dual Z motors upgrade the space between the motor supports will be too narrow to fit 2 of the LCD Brackets.

My solution was this:

A bracket that has the base shifted by 20 mm. This is how my LCD looks with a shifted bracket (left) and a normal one (right):

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Software used:

After loading the original file in SketchUp and moving the base 20 mm up, I added the triangular support strut.

I grouped everything together, and used Solid Inspector to check and fix any issues.

Then I used the export STL option, selecting the file type ASCII and the unit millimeters. (it is very important to set the millimeters as export unit, otherwise when you try to slice the part you will find it is either very small or very large).